Worship at the altar of Acros

The Fujifilm Neopan Acros or simple Acros as it is referred to, is sadly one of the discontinued film stocks that Fujifilm produced for many years. Though there is some rumours that it might come back, 🤞🏽.

The Fujifilm X-series cameras from the X-Pro2 onwards, X-T2, X100F and all the newer ones have the Acros film simulation built into the cameras. This is one of the reasons I stuck to Fuji cameras when at first I had picked up the X-T2 somewhat by accident.

This profile creates some of the most amazing B&W to my eyes. It is primarily the reason I have almost exclusively switched to using JPEG only in my cameras. Why would you need RAW anyway?

Some random examples below.

Naufal Mir @abijango