The the babbling nonsense of Enderle

Nick Heer writing over at pxlnv about Rob Enderie, an American technology “analyst”, yes I put those quotes around analyst for a reason. But out of all Nick’s article and the one he links to, this has to be my favourite quote:

But he’s fun to check in on every now and again to see what people who aren’t thinking are thinking.

This can apply to so many people 😂.

Also at the end this little piece:

The real reason HP has found financial success with their ink delivery option is because a phony security update crippled third-party cartridgesand the company began locking users into DRM-backed subscriptions. Of course, Enderle can’t say this truth because HP is one of his current clients, a detail that this article just happens to omit.

It’s always ‘follow the money’ right?

Naufal Mir @abijango