Boris Johnson is shadier than you thought

Not only has Boris used his infamous ‘dead cat strategy’ to move the conversation away from him and Carrie Symonds and his plans for Brexit, he’s managed to push down his past mistakes on Google, too — making it more difficult for people to get a quick snapshot of relevant information. He’s not just controlling the narrative here — he’s practically rewriting it. And judged by the standards of an SEO campaign, it’s hard to describe it as anything other than a resounding success.

No words. Simply no words. This guy. Tech constantly being used by these vile, vile human beings to achieve their own goals.

I have a suggestion, all the other politicians, hire some smart people for a change, listen to your tech people, do what they tell you. Maybe you’ll actually have a fighting chance. But then again, you will never listen. And this guy and Trump and all the others, will use whatever they can to advance their own agendas. Pathetic.

Naufal Mir @abijango