Star Wars has always had a special place in my heart. I write and tweet about it a lot. Maybe too much.


After I had devoured the movies over and over again as a kid, I was left hanging. I wanted more. I wanted the Episodes I-III (OK maybe in hindsight I should have been careful what I wished for!), and there was nothing. I am sure it was much worse for the people for whom Star Wars had been a part of their lives since the late 70’s and 80’s. There were the comics, but growing up in Pakistan, getting my grubby paws on those comics was next to impossible.

Then in 1991, along came Heir to the Empire!

Heir To The Empire was an instant success, a New York Times best seller that catapulted Star Wars back into the minds of the mainstream. The Expanded Universe was born.

I got to read it in the late 90’s, but man I had my fix of Star Wars. Anything after that I ate up. Timothy Zahn, became one of my favourite authors. He wrote Star Wars, created amazing new characters, and planets.

As the article says, after Zahn’s books the Star Wars made a huge come back. With more series like Jedi Academy Trilogy, the stories around Rogue Squadron, gave you all you more of the drug that was Star Wars.

This love affair with Star Wars continues to this day, and I still read Star Wars books. The Universe has gone all over the place, and I really recommend reading for example New Jedi Order series, it is a bit advanced in the timeline, but if you want to skip to some of the latest stories, that is an excellent place to pick up from. Seriously go read the first book, Vector Prime. You will seriously love me (and hate me at the same time!).

Most of this stuff is no longer canon, as you can read in the linked article, but for me, it will always be part of Star Wars, even if they contradict it in the upcoming material.

P.S. Seriously, Star Wars Rebels, is too childish for me. Can’t believe I am saying that, but I watched three episodes and quit. A much more amazing series, Clone Wars, that Disney killed (FU Disney!), is what you should watch.

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