Pro-democracy riots in Hong Kong. Note the similarities in the police actions and the reactions by the public to what is recently happening back home in Pakistan.

The government urdged the protesters to end their sit-in demonstrations.

Now why would people do that? Why is it that everywhere protests start – Pakistan, UK, Hong Kong, elsewhere – the authorities always have their ridiculous demands about not protesting? Why? Other than the authourities, who else benifits from not protesting? The economy? Well if they are so worried about the economy, they should maybe consider not screwing up things so badly with the public that it gets to the point of a riot?

The public rioting in the streets is probably the clearest indication that you are doing something wrong.

The protest at the government offices was started by students demanding such electoral changes. Beijing last month proposed that the public would be able to vote for the city’s chief executive, beginning in 2017. But a committee dominated by people loyal to the Chinese government would be able to screen out candidates who did not have Beijing’s backing.

Sounds particularly nasty to me. Don’t know about you.

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