As we all know, anything to do with Batman gets me excited. Being as they are about to mutilate the origin story once again, I have some very strong thoughts on the matter. Which also brings me to the linked article:

Here’s what I WOULDN’T do in the pilot: Kill Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Yes, yes we all know that is the defining moment in Bruce’s career to becoming Batman. And as we all know now, they have stated that is where the series will begin, with his parents murder. But then again, that does not seem to be the point of the story? Unless I’m missing something and they want to show Bruce started his training in Gotham itself.

This seems like a great opportunity to build on the main characters before any tradegy hits the life of Bruce. Namely; Gordon, Alfred, even the various main villians, Joker/Penguin/Two Face/Riddler etc.

Now maybe I won’t go so far to say, as Marc states, to build a drama involving Alfred/Bruce/Gordon with both older men serving as foster fathers of some sort. To some extent that has always been true for Alfred, but no such indication was ever given for Gordon, in any of the comics/series/movies.

I would rather it be the struggles of Gordon with the pre-Batman era Gotham, with all its intricate politics and corruption, along with Bruce and his life as a youngster, and his story with his parents, which has never been handled well. Always has been flashbacks and the like. When do we get to see who the parents were that influence Bruce? This series could have been a great place to do just that.

I could go on a rant forever about this. As always I welcome your thoughts on the matter and if you want to hit me up for any discussion, arguments etc. more than welcome.

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