Absolutely hilarious. I love my hometown, and yes before you ask, it IS better than its twin city. Love how the writer illustrates the different divides within the city with such humour.

There are always comparions made by Lahori-ites and Karachi-ites about how their cities have so much happening, and Islamabad is boring and lame and all that. To that I would like to quote a friend, “Jealous not, Darrrlinnnggg!!”

It may not have the 50 million cafes or whatever else, but it has it’s own thing. The mountains, the parks, the bloody awesome roads (Take that Karachi and Lahore!). I’d take that over the ‘hip-and-happening-shit’ in your cities.

Favourite quote:

One day my daddy will have looted enough wealth to afford a farmhouse there too.

Oh how I miss my hometown sometimes….

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