Well written article over at the Tribune. I especially like the fact that the write starts to explain what her interpretation of the events of Karballa were, then leaves them out, as that is not what the post was about. It was about one thing, tolerance.

We pride ourselves in being Muslims, followers of the best religion known to mankind. And yet we are the scum of the earth. If something our our religion had actually gone through our goddamn thick skulls we would respect our fellow man’s difference of opinion and let them live their lives in peace.

We have way to many issues within our country, and we add fuel to the fires. We disagree, argue, fight. All this arguments, disagreements, who are they for? To prove what? And what of the rest? Who do not take part in this argument? I think the write of that post sums that up pretty eloquently as well:

“When silence becomes habit, submission becomes the norm and indifference reigns. Consequently, injustice and tyranny rules to the detriment of a nation.”

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