Disclaimer: The link post and the following article is extremely graphic. Read at your own risk.

There have been countless stories of abuse in our society, and reading this post, I wanted to highlight how it’s not just us who have this problem; but the cases are highly similar as are their outcomes. The absolutely disgusting behavior occurs everywhere, and though we are no stranger to such stories, it is still worth discussion in my opinion.

Highlighting abuse or rape in almost every society is considered to be a no-no. You come forward, and along with your reputation, you take down your whole family and bring shame and humiliation on all around you. While the perputrators might walk away free, you will forever be tainted, ostracize from your community, and generally just plain looked down upon for the rest of your life.

So coming forward is highly discouraged everywhere. Shame, fear or threat of violence etc. all play a vital role in the victim(s) never even coming forward. The soul of the victim is already destroyed, and they suffer in silence most, if not all of their lives.

There is also the whole general lack of sexual or abuse education anyway. The elders didn’t get it, so they don’t pass it on to the children. The whole idea of talking about such things is so taboo. Let’s sweep it all under the rug and pretend everything is great. You try to talk about such things and are labelled filthy, unclean, promoting promiscuity even. Where the fuck does that come from??

Speaking to a doctor, or god-forbid a shrink, is highly unlikely. The social taboo, who will talk, what will they say and all that. But then again it all comes down to we, as a society, same as many other societies, concentrate more on all the wrong sorts of things.

We believe ourselves to be so pious. Don’t speak about sex, its bad form. Let’s not discuss touchy/vile subjects as there is no place for them. Shove it all under the rug and move on. Instead let’s talk about other people. Let’s discuss their lives, lets not try to fix our own, or help someone. Let’s as a society actively try to ruin lives.

I may love my country and most of it’s people, but some of them, just make me sick.

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