Having lived in a western country for the last 5 years, maybe my views have changed on the matter. Then again, they might have just been solidified.

I have no problem with the consumption of alcohol, by a non-muslim or by a muslim. Where I have a problem with, is intoxication and the resulting stupidity that ensues. And then again, that is a personal opinion. I am glad to be living in a country where a ‘majority’ of people won’t moan at me for my personal opinions.

Even according to the Quran we can see:

In light of Verse 2:219 of Surah Baqrah, the Holy Quran has recognised some of its ‘benefits,’ and so, the sin of drinking is not absolutely haram. It is but a minor sin.

Then again I have always been severely against the state dictating how we should live our lives. If a person chooses to induldge in the minor sin, who is the state to stop him? Granted I am not saying the state lifts all the laws and let everyone do as they wish regarding killings and stealing and such, all I am saying is, do not confuse religion with state law.

Besides, if you are such a believer in faith?

Shouldn’t faith be a stronger limitation than laws imposed by the state?

Not even going into the rabbit hole of a discussion that is, ‘Oh but the consumption is done semi-openly and without prosecution so why not let it be? Or legalize it?’ Though legalizing such controlled substances has its advantages, look at the countries who have done it already. Decrease in crime related to these substances, revenue generated via taxes and such.

One could argue if the practice of consumption already exists, why not try to profit from it? But that again is a rabbit hole of a discussion in itself.

So I leave it to you, to form your own opinion, and not shout at you for having a different one. Please give others the same respect and get off that fucking high horse that you mistake for being ‘oh-so-righteous’.

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