So I have had some feedback from some of you who have read the recent posts (I know they are not a lot). And it has been most helpful.

Basic points that came out of the feedback are summarised as follows:

  1. Injustice posts seem to be mostly rambling. I understand that these are first drafts that were mainly published to get feedback from you guys in the first place, but that does not excuse bad quality.
  2. Other stories I got most positive feedback and was encouraged to write more of that stuff. I hear ya’ and will deliver.
  3. Regular updates. I have not been posting on a regular schedule and will strive to make that happen.

Just as an update of sorts, I tweeted recently:

As I noted later, that doesn’t mean much when it’s not in publishable state (as per point 1. above). But I will clean it all up and try to publish it in smaller readable chunks.

For long for reading, I do recommend picking up a long-form reading services such as Instapaper, or Pocket. Both have excellent mobile apps and are great for downloading long-form articles for reading offline.

Or as I do, link up my favourite reading websites to some RSS service, Feedly is an excellent service that is free and hooks up to almost all good RSS clients on mobile. I wrote an post about RSS before, do give it a read.

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