When we talk about abuses of women and generally labour in our country we cry foul at all stages. Women are abused, downtrodden and generally not held in the highest regard in our society. Not taking anything away from those abuses, they are horrible in their own right. But today I wanted to just talk about the post over at BBC that I read a while back. Namely, the abuse of women in Melilla, and specifically their abuse as mules for transport of goods.

They carry a load of around ~60-80 Kgs over long distances and get paid around ~ $4-6 for the effort. Granted for their country that might be a lot, and justifications ranging from, ‘Oh they need these jobs since they have no husbands’, to ‘If they don’t do this who will feed their families’ etc. are abound.

The women are mainly doing this as either they are widows, or their husbands were violent and they left them to various other reasons. They could farm, but they would never be able to earn the kind of living via farming that they do in this dangerous line of work.

They are also facing competition from men in their countries. Unemployment and this line of work more suited to men is shifting the workforce to men.

They have families to feed, and children that will most likely be caught up in the same line of work as they are. It is just horrible, and let us take a moment to realise how bad some people have it in the world, including outside our own society.

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