I will start this by saying I attended E&ME College, NUST from 2003-2007. Hence, I have a very personal taste on these issues that everyone is talking about. To get it out of the way, EM&E College, NUST was a horrible place to study. Simply terri-bad. I have spent years of my life after my time there trying to erase it from my memory. Granted I met some of my best friends in that university, but most if not all friendships were based on our mutual hatred of EM&E and its administration.

First the important stuff; the studies. Most of which, were sub-par and extremely out-dated. From teachers in physics and chemistry who had no clue what they were talking about, to some downright arrogant jackasses who came from different colleges and thought they were just gods gift to students (trust me they weren’t).

During my time in NUST I came to realise just how stupid and idiotic these rules on dress code/behaviour were. I’ll start of by saying, go ahead disagree with me, you have the right. Go ahead and say I signed up for it by agreeing to the rules in the Student Handbook, go for it seriously. I will still disagree with you. Why? I’ll tell you why.

Physical Appearance is a Personal Thing!

On my first day in EM&E College, NUST, all us boys were rounded up, taken to the canteen area, lined up in front of the barber shop and taken in one by one to get our ‘hair cut according to NUST standards’. Mind you ALL of us lined up and taken in were civilians. A couple of my friends and me had long hair (yes cliche right? Guys with long hair in college), some of us had grown it out over years! Years!

No matter if you are studying in a ‘military college’, you are still not part of the military. In these colleges we paid a fee (a subsidized one, yes), but still a fee to attend the college and study some engineering/business degree. What the fuck does that have to do with anyone’s appearance?

Disciple is one thing

Teaching people discipline, or so-called ‘professional behaviour’ is out of scope for a university. Universities exist to teach us subjects, specific areas of study. If you want to roll in dress-code of professional behaviour in the workplace, sure why not, let’s have a course on that too, but leave it at that, a simple coarse, graded or not.

Which brings me to my next point.

Courses must be the students’ choice

All the modules/courses you study in NUST, with the exception of certain colleges I agree, are set in stone.

You cannot choose which modules to study, or pick and choose different courses to make up a specialization of your own. No, if you go into the Electrical Department, that is it, the Electrical Department in their infinite wisdom, will layout a whole plan for you for the rest of the 3.5-4 years of your life.

Forget the illusion of choice that some colleges in NUST have, whereby in the last semester or so, you get to choose 3 out of 6 courses or something similar like that.

This is what I signed up for?

Sure that is probably the only logical argument against someone with my opinion. Sure we signed up for it. Does that make it fair? Don’t think so.

What if they said, if you attend this university all your future earnings go to the university? Will that be fair? Didn’t think so?

What if I say, when we join, we get all the military personnel/staff/teachers etc. decked out in casual wear for the rest of their tenure? Fair? Didn’t think so. Or maybe we should start dictating who they can or cannot speak to? No? Didn’t think so either.

I payed for the privilege of attending this college. I also passed the so-called difficult entrance exam. Was chosen out of the 100s of thousands of people applying to get a spot on the 2000 or so seats. I have jumped through the hoops to qualify for a seat based on “merit”1. Why are you enforcing all sorts of other rules on top?

While you are making weak arguments in response, let me throw out another weak argument. When you sign up for a software etc. you agree to a EULA. When was the last time you read one really?

If you don’t like it you can leave

Worst. Arugment. Ever.

Nothing more to say there.

Other thoughts

Honestly, nothing really new about these issues in NUST. I mean look at all the other public colleges, they have similar issues as well. Be it the exact same ones, or something even more moronic than that.

It is just a simple fact of our culture confusing religion and vice versa. Religion is, and always will be a personal thing. You cannot enforce someone to follow your beliefs. Who the fuck are you huh? Last I heard you are not a prophet?

Same thing applies to the issue of enforcing the study of certain subjects within schools and universities. Namely, Pakistan Studies and Islamiat. Let’s talk about that for a second shall we?

Pakistan Studies I can understand to some extent, maybe. I love my country, maybe it doesn’t sound like that to you, but I do. I want to know more about my countries history and such. What I don’t want to know is to memorize the fucking constitutions!! Yes when I studied Pakistan Studies in EM&E I had to memorize the fucking constitutions in order to be able to reference various articles and such for my exams. Really? Ever heard of reference books? Fuck off really, that is all I have to say to you.

And Islamiat. Seriously? Are you going to force religion in my face? What about non-muslims? Why do they have to be forced to study another religion2? Offer the course, let the students choose to take it. Maybe they will, who knows, they might even surprise you. Forcing someone will not make them more pious or religious. Oh and while you made it this far without labelling me a heretic or a crazy person, in EM&E while studying Islamiat, all we got to do was memorize certain passages from the Quran and Hadith; in Arabic and their transalations and reproduce in the exams. Wow, I know more about my religion now. Thank you fucking Islamiat teacher, thank you! Really /sarcasm.

Fuck off NUST.

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  1. I say “merit” specially because I honestly don’t think that entrance exam is worth anything. It is just a simple memorization exam, which anyone with a decent enough memory can clear in about one decent night of preparation. 

  2. I might be wrong, maybe they had a choice, not 100% sure.