I will begin this by saying I am not a writer. I have always wanted to be able to write well, but never had the drive or the energy to go ahead and do it. This blog is finally a first step in the journey to becoming a better writer.

As such, this will be a collection of all the small titbits I write, along with links and my personal comments on the articles I find interesting and those that make it to my reading lists.

The posts here will be highly opinionated and as such, please try not to take them too seriously. I will not be attacking anyone personally, all I write here will either be straight from imagination, or just plain my freaking opinion. There might be the occasional profanity, again apologies for that, it is just who I am.

The name of the title is strange you say? Well its interesting that you ask. I will try to do a post about it in the future, till then there is a very interesting article on it that I would like to point you to Butterfly Dream. As I said earlier I will try to go over in a future post, till then just think of it as something that has interested me constantly for many years.

There will be constant redesigns of the site, I am just weird that way. Nothing is ever perfect. So do not be alarmed if you come back some day and this place is radically changed. :)

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